About my work

I am an artist working in York. Most of my work is created in acrylic paint on canvas.
My landscape paintings are made in response to the landscapes of Yorkshire. They are my personal expression of the shapes, lines, colours and textures. The marks on the land.
I paint in an expressive and gestural way. I combine my interest in colour combinations with juxtapositions of form and line creating my response to the landscape as a semi abstract expression.
I have a dialogue with the image as it grows and refine it in an intuitive way as the marks and textures evolve.

I am also working on still life and botanical paintings. The still life work focuses on strong composition and use of colour exploring the space and looking beyond the borders of the canvas. I am interested in interior design and how the painting relates to the interior in both domestic and public spaces. I usually draw and paint from life using plants from my collection and from my garden.